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Professional website management for all levels


Website Hosting

1 vCPU, 25GB SSD Storage, 1GB Dedicated RAM, 1TB Bandwidth, 20K Estimated Monthly Visits, 10 International Data Centers.


The latest and fastest Internet technology.

Dedicated IP

For security, SEO, and reliability, your website has its own IP address.

Nightly Backups

Automated incremental backups with nearly instant restores.

Web Application Firewall

Stop malicious traffic before it ever reaches your site with hosted WAF.

Self-Healing Architecture

Automated monitoring to restart or rebuild server resources.

SSL Certificate

Automatically added via Let's Encrypt.


See changes before putting them on your live website with one-click sync to staging and sync to live.

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Fast and reliable hosting for basic websites.

$20 /month

Super Solid

Website Hosting with a Dedicated Developer

The only way to ensure your website is always running smoothly is to have a real human monitor it for themselves. Our Super Solid plan offers exactly that: all our hosting services PLUS our expert developers will periodically review your website and perform the following tasks...

Monthly Wordpress Updates

Our developers will test and update relevant plugins, themes, and core files to keep your site up-to-date. This reduces the chance of errors or security issues that may arise from outdated software.

Verify Operation

After updates, we'll go through your website, as would one of your visitors, and make sure everything looks good.

Basic Repairs

If we spot something isn't working properly on your site, we'll do a quick fix right away.

Error Reporting

For issues that require longer term repairs, we'll notify you as soon as possible with our recommended solutions.

Token Updating

Major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram now require websites that feature their platform content to periodically refresh their access tokens. We'll take care of that for you.

Professional Level Plugins

Access to our suite of powerful Wordpress plugins that will supercharge your website's speed, security, SEO, and more.

Prevention is the best medicine.
Websites have a lot of moving parts and the Internet is constantly evolving. This is how we stay on top of issues before they become costly problems.

$100 /month

Enterprise Management

Highly custom services for clients looking for continual improvement

Solid Enterprise

Advanced Performance

Ensure your website is loading fast and your information is secure by utilizing the ever changing web techniques and technologies.

Advanced SEO Indexing

We'll make sure your website is optimized-for and evolving-with Google Search and your audience's interests.

ADA Compliance

Your website should be accessible to as many people as possible! We can help maintain a flexible design for visitors with unique needs and offer legal counsel for potential conflicts regarding accessibility.

Content Creation

Stay engaged with your audience. We'll help you create content that provides value to customers and promotes engagement with your brand.

Efficient Marketing

Don't just throw money around - execute email campaigns, loyalty programs, QR codes, and digital ads that get in front of your target audience.

Analytics Monitoring & Reports

Know what's working and what doesn't. We'll provide reports and help you adjust and strategize future moves.

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Solid Enterprise Plan